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QR codes are essential to your marketing strategy but are not being used correctly and to their highest potential. We can take care of your communication for you. We will help you create a QR code and create the linked website, where the content can be altered whenever you like.

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Why do you need a QR code?

To communicate directly to your consumers with high quality content. You can collect information and statistics of your customers. It helps increase your visibility and notoriety. Unlike other QR codes that have a singular link, we can change the content any time to suit your current marketing strategies or highlight new material.

Content Ideas Include :

Scores, prices, where to find your wine, information about the winemaker vintage and winery, recipes, press, media, traceability, social networks, website, events, contact registration, photo and video galleries.


We work for you to ultimately save you time and money. Our team of digital marketing experts are at your disposal to manage and fulfill your requests throughout the year. We are your personal consultants.

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